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Welcome to DSRT Tavistock.

Dartmoor Search and Rescue exists to help the police and other related rescue organisations to locate, render appropriate assistance and evacuate missing persons to a place of safety.

Our services are entirely voluntary and in particular demand in situations where weather conditions are poor and the location of the missing person is unknown. All team members are highly trained in a variety of skills ranging from First Aid through to Navigation, searching techniques and radio operation.

Individual search teams are coordinated through a team leader who is in constant radio contact with the controller coordinating the search effort. We work closely with the police who initiate calls to us in situations where our services may be required.

Tavistock is one of four teams which make up the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team group.

Please follow the links provided above if you require further information.

Watch this space for details of our activities and fund-raising events. If you wish to contact us or can offer assistance with our voluntary work, please e-mail us.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation or are aware of any fund-raising functions which you believe may be relevant, please contact our fund-raising officer.

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Photos from Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team - Tavistock's post (3 photos) ...

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team - Tavistock shared Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team's photo. ...

Today we were contacted by a Mountain Instructor who informed us that the stretcher box on Mickledore had been emptied, possibly for someone to use as a shelter. Equipment was all over the ridge. The equipment in the box is located there for use in an emergency by the public and the team. Whilst we recognised that there may be times where someone would need shelter having being benighted, we would really appreciate the equipment being put back in the same condition as it was removed. A number of team members went up to the box this evening to re pack the box. It is also worth noting that the box is not a rubbish bin. We don't want a list of ranting comments below this post but would welcome you sharing to educate people who may not know what the box and the equipment is used for. Thanks to the Mountain Instructor for picking up all of the gear. WMRT.

Photos from Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team - Tavistock's post (7 photos) ...

We found this at the Rescue Centre and thought it was only right that we post this for Jim Thorington ...

One of our Search Managers providing radio training to trainee members ...