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Welcome to DSRT Tavistock.

Dartmoor Search and Rescue exists to help the police and other related rescue organisations to locate, render appropriate assistance and evacuate missing persons to a place of safety.

Our services are entirely voluntary and in particular demand in situations where weather conditions are poor and the location of the missing person is unknown. All team members are highly trained in a variety of skills ranging from First Aid through to Navigation, searching techniques and radio operation.

Individual search teams are coordinated through a team leader who is in constant radio contact with the controller coordinating the search effort. We work closely with the police who initiate calls to us in situations where our services may be required.

Tavistock is one of four teams which make up the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team group.

Please follow the links provided above if you require further information.

Watch this space for details of our activities and fund-raising events. If you wish to contact us or can offer assistance with our voluntary work, please e-mail us.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation or are aware of any fund-raising functions which you believe may be relevant, please contact our fund-raising officer.

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Hi! Please help us get to 20% before Christmas. Visit our project where we are building search and rescue UAVs that aide rescue crews in finding lost/missing persons faster. Take a minute to enjoy our video, contribute to our cause or share on your social media. Thank you!

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The team had a micro-navigation training exercise last night in the Trowlesworthy area. The display in the control vehicle tracks the location of each team, using signals transmitted by GPS radios carried by the team. The system shows different coloured lines to indicate the track of each team.

But ......... who left the pink trail?

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All five of DSRT Tavistocks dog handlers were up in the Lake District on a A Search And Rescue Dog Association England training weekend last weekend. Here are some pictures of Search Dog Ronnie in action. (6 photos) ...

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Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team - Tavistock shared KTLA 5 News's video. ...

BREAKING: A rescuer was swept away in the raging waters of the Los Angeles River Friday. Video showed others trying to get the rescuer out of the rushing water as the person was moving past them. Another rescuer was eventually able to get a rope out and pull the person to safety. Watch KTLA's video here:

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