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Welcome to DSRT Tavistock.

Dartmoor Search and Rescue exists to help the police and other related rescue organisations to locate, render appropriate assistance and evacuate missing persons to a place of safety.

Our services are entirely voluntary and in particular demand in situations where weather conditions are poor and the location of the missing person is unknown. All team members are highly trained in a variety of skills ranging from First Aid through to Navigation, searching techniques and radio operation.

Individual search teams are coordinated through a team leader who is in constant radio contact with the controller coordinating the search effort. We work closely with the police who initiate calls to us in situations where our services may be required.

Tavistock is one of four teams which make up the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team group.

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Watch this space for details of our activities and fund-raising events. If you wish to contact us or can offer assistance with our voluntary work, please e-mail us.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation or are aware of any fund-raising functions which you believe may be relevant, please contact our fund-raising officer.

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We are proud to announce that we have been selected to receive funding from the Co-op Local Community Fund. For the next 6 months, every time Co-op members buy branded products and services, 1% of your spend goes to a local cause. We need your help – the more support we get, the more funding we could receive. So if you’re a Co-op Member, log in to your Co-op Membership account and choose us. If you’re not a member, please join and support us!


DSRT Tavistock 4x4 Driver Training
Dartmoor Search & Rescue Tavistock is uniquely fotunate in having 3 MREW qualified 4x4 Driving Instructors on the team. Last weekend saw members from DSRT Tavistcok and DSRT Plymouth undertake a 2 day 4x4 driver training course at the beautiful Pentillie Castle and Estate in Cornwall. Many thanks to them for allowing us to train on such diverse and challenging terrain.

Here is a snippet of the course.

Tavistock Team at Bedford Square

DSRT Tavistock spent the day at the centre of Tavistock, raising awareness about the Team's activities and fundraising for crucial equipment. Thanks to all the volunteers who manned the stand.

DSRT Tavistock Team Social Walk

Yesterday evening we could let off some stress by walking up around White Tor, Roos Tor and Cox Tor, watching the sun set over Brentor church.

It was a welcome decompression after the "Mountain Rescue Casualty Care" Exams held the night before at Derriford Hospital when 20 Team Members put themselves through a rigorous practical examination, after weeks of training at the hospital and a written theory test. It was a long, intense night and congratulations to those who passed, including 3 Trainees.

Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team Tavistock - Ten Tors 2017

What an amazing weekend, stationed at Willsworthy Ranges, providing support for the Ten Tors 2017 event.

We helped a few casualties, shadowed some teams but mainly witnessed outstanding determination and grit in hundreds of teenagers. If anyone doubts the future at the hands of today's children, come along to Ten Tors and watch them do great things.

As a DSRT Team we had a great weekend of whole-team work. Thanks also go the volunteers of Devon and Cornwall 4x4 Response ( who provided crucial transport.

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