We gratefully acknowledge the following Companies, Organisations and individuals who have generously contributed towards the funding of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team and in particular towards Tavistock Section.


A38.com – Thanks for their help with our web site.


DSRT (Tavistock) is pleased to be associated with Kountry Kit


DSRT (Tavistock) is proud to be associated with Paramo Directional Clothing Systems


SatMap Navigation Systems.


NikWax Waterproofing


West Devon Homes


With thanks for their generous donation in memory of Charlotte Shaw


Thanks to hfholidays for their generous donation.

We do not use ‘professional’ (paid) fund raisers. All donations go towards the operation of the charity. We are operate almost completely on donations and all our members are volunteers.

For further information, please contact our fund raising officer:

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Tavistock)

Contacting Us

To contact the team please email by clicking upon the appropriate link below:

Mountain Rescue Video