DSRT Fundraising

Fundraising in Tavistock
How is DSRT Financed?
The Tavistock Team Rescue Centre was built at the end of a three year fund raising exercise. A lot of local companies made it possible by supplying material and services at a discount or even for free.


The Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Tavistock) is a registered charity (No. 1106094). Each section is responsible for its own fund raising. Money comes from a number of sources:

  • Donations: Most comes from members of the public. Sometimes from people that have been rescued. There are a number of local organisations that regularly raise money for the section.
  • Collecting Tins: These are to be found in many locations all over Dartmoor. Most are in pubs and shops. If your company/business would like to have one of our tins please contact us
  • Active Fund Raising: This come from the sale of sweat shirts, T shirts, coffee mugs and badges.
  • Grants: These are sometimes made by local councils and the National Park.
  • National Lottery: Tavistock Team applied for and received a grant to cover the cost of a new Land rover Ambulance.
We do not use ‘professional’ (paid) fund raisers. All donations go towards the operation of the charity. We are operate almost completely on donations and all our members are volunteers.

Contacting Us

To contact the team please email by clicking upon the appropriate link below:

Mountain Rescue Video