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Drake’s Cafe at Grenofen became the fourth outlet that have agreed to sell the Walkham book for us on a commission-free basis. Pete delivered a box of 14 books to them last week and they had sold 2 before he left the premises!

A big thank you to Drakes Cafe who join Burrator Discovery Centre, Dartmoor Bakery and Go Outdoors, Plymouth in supporting our fundraising book sale.

A third outlet: Dartmoor Bakery at Leg o’Mutton received a box of books today and agreed to sell them commission free, we can suggest a visit for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake and buy a book whilst there –

Pete Swaines Book on the Walkham Valley

Go Outdoors have become the second outlet to agree to sell Peter Swaines wonderful book WALKHAM – A Walker’s Guide to a Beautiful Dartmoor Valley by Peter Swaine on a commission free basis in their Plymouth store.

We would like to thank Go Outdoors for their support, you can visit their online website here



A box of 14 Walkham books has been placed at the Burrator Discovery Centre. The manager, Emily, has agreed to sell them on our behalf with no commission.

If you are looking for a copy of this wonderful book by Peter Swaine then why not pop in and pick up a copy. All profits go to DSRT Tavistock.

We would like to thank South West Lakes Trust for agreeing to sell this book on our behalf.


Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Tavistock) are proud to announce the 2016 publication of:

WALKHAM – A Walker’s Guide to a Beautiful Dartmoor Valley by Peter Swaine

Members of the public are invited to reserve their copies of the first edition of “Walkham” (limited to 500). To reserve a copy, email . The cost of the book will be £20 + p&p, but no payment is required at this time.

The A4 size hard cover book contains over 200 photographs and detailed route descriptions of walks exploring every part of the Walkham and its catchment area. From the source high up on the north moor to its confluence with the Tavy at Double Waters, the Walkham passes through an astonishing variety of landscape. From bleak blanket bog, through wild open moorland, past impressive rocky tors and dense ancient woodland, the walks reveal the landscape and history of this wonderful valley.

The remains of Neolithic burial chambers, stone rows and circles, Bronze Age settlements, peat extraction, quarrying and mining are all contained within the 52 square kilometres of the Walkham Valley, and this book shows where to find them.

Peter has lived in or near the Walkham valley for most of his life and is one of the most respected members of the Search and Rescue team. He has been a member of the team for over 20 years, he is the deputy team leader and he has also previously served as the chairman.

It is hoped that this book will be the first in a series, with the Meavy Valley being the subject of the next book. All profits will be donated to the rescue team.

DSRT at Tavistock Carnival 2017 - Oh What a Night!

The Tavistock Team put together a fantastic entry as HMP Dartmoor Prison - 5 guards to keep 9 inmates in line. A tough job to keep such an unruly bunch of reprobates in order; so tough we failed. Can I have my hat back now please?

Helping out with first aid cover at Tavy Relays in the Meadows tonight. ...

Hello Mandy here. I was the other walker yesterday. Chris got to work in time. Janet was tired this morning but feeling much better. She is extremely grateful for all your help yesterday. A little embarrassed as well for causing a fuss. Thank you so much for all the help provided. The unexpected lift to Princetown to collect the car as we were at Two Bridges. The escort back to the ambulance to see Janet and take her home after the paramedics released her. It was very much appreciated. Hopefully you didn't have to do your practice run today after yesterday's fallout in the heat. X ...

CALLOUT: We cannot get enough of Littaford Tor! After our callout to the Tor on Monday night we were called to the same location today.

The call came in around 12:40pm for the Team to assist the ambulance crew.

A group of three experienced and well prepared walkers had to call for assistance when one of their party was taken unwell 9 miles into a 13 mile route.

Team members deployed quickly and met paramedics on site. A stretcher party followed shortly behind.

The casualty was evacuated by stretcher to a waiting team Land Rover which transported her to land ambulance.

We wish her a speedy recovery.

#MountainRescue #Dartmoor

Car Crash DSRT Tavistock team members were dramatically called into action as they prepared for a navigation exercise at Four Winds car Park on the Princetown to Tavistock road last night. A car lost control right by the RV flipping over in dramatic fashion and landing on its roof. The team immediately swung into action, offering assistance to the lone driver, closing the road and calling in the other emergency services, Police, Ambulance and Fire. In the end it took about two hours to remove the casualty from the car and he was then taken to hospital. We understand that he got away with cuts and bruises and a CT scan showed no serious injuries. Well done to all the team members involved. So ends a busy night for the team!

Evening Herald Story

Are you up for a challenge? Are you reasonably fit? a good team player? Happy to go out on the hill in all weathers to save lives in wild and remote places? Do you want to make new friends, learn new skills, try new activities? Then read on.

DSRT Tavistock are looking for new trainee members, if you feel as though you are up for the challenge, then download an application form here today, fill it in and post it back to us and before you know it you could be a Dartmoor Rescue Trainee. We are looking to take on a new intake of trainee members sometime in June.

If you are available for training most Wednesday evenings between 7pm and 10pm (Approx) and you would like to find out more, complete an application form, return it to us today. Our training officer will be in touch to discuss how to proceed from there.

Right click and save as to download application form, or click to open in new window

Trainees View of Level 2 Swift Water Training. 12 Jan 2014

This weekend I gained my first experience of Level 2 Water Training; a compelling day of rescue, safety and survival drills, as well as a true appreciation of Mother Nature’s force in her wettest form.

Once kitted up in our protective equipment we headed down to the river for a grounding in defensive and aggressive swimming. Although the water came with a January chill, everyone admirably plunged in, and our dry suits did an excellent job of keeping out the cold.

Despite the fairly simple looking demonstrations, it was only once you were being swept down the river yourself, you realised the amount of energy needed to merely dictate your direction and reach the water’s edge – all crucial information for if you find yourself in a nasty situation.

Next we moved onto the main equipment used to rescue casualties from the water and how to deploy them. Each of us practised casting and receiving throw lines as well as grabbing hold of rescue poles.

After lunch we were faced with a challenge – how to combat a sieve. With a piece of pipe tied across the river we allowed ourselves to become caught on it with the aim of pulling our bodies over the top and to freedom. When even the most determined of us failed to do so, it proved just how dangerous such obstacles can be. We were then taught the best way to overcome it; face down stream and swim at it with as much aggression as you can muster!

We then focused on river crossings and riverside rescue techniques as well as the ‘15 Absolutes’ during searching…All before the grand finale of taking a trip to the weir. If the survival instincts didn’t kick in, the aim was to throw yourself in, and then try and get out (attached to ropes of course!). Just allowing yourself to be subject to the water’s current was impressive enough; almost paralysed by the back flow it proved very difficult to break free.

It was a brilliant end to an adrenaline packed day and a huge thank you for those how put the time in to make it happen. Anyone taking this course will receive a clear, interactive and enjoyable introduction to water awareness and water rescue – I strongly recommend this to everyone!

By Pippa Tigwell

Congratulations to Nikki Lyons M.B.E.
The team would like to offer their sincere congratulations and thanks to Nikki Lyons who achieved 30 years on the call out list on Monday.

During a long and illustrious career with the team Nicki has helped to save countless lives, contributed to the running of the team through various positions on the committee and helped to raise thousands of pounds to keep the team running.

Nicki has also trained and worked several SARDA search dogs, held positions on the SARDA Executive committee and training sub committee, and worked tirelessly with MREW and now PenMaCRA.

We are all very grateful for the time and effort Nikki has given to the team and long may it continue. Thank you Nikki Lyons! 

Long Service Award  
– 15 Jan 2012
In a recent national assessment course held in the Lake District DSRT Tavistock member Alex Lyons received a long service award from SARDA England.

Alex has so far had a career of 25 continuous years as an operational search dog handler. During which he has attended in excess of 600 callouts, located many missing people and successfully saving many lives.

SARDA England presented Alex with a certificate for his dedication to the Search and Rescue Dog Association England.

Alex receiving his award from SARDA England president Neville Sharp