By Kevin Brown

Badge For the Ten Tors event I bring my usual callout sack together with camping gear for the weekend.
Walking out to Amicombe before the start I usually carry two sacks, an expedition one loaded with food, tent, cooking gear and a lot of clothing and my
usual callout sack ready to deploy. The camping gear is the same as for everyone else, perhaps with a bit more emphasis on energy
foods and mineral replenishing drinks. The call-out sack is completely different, being much lighter and more compact.

During Ten Tors the section membership is divided into three teams and rostered with one on call, one on
standby and one stood down at any one time. The hasties are usually team D and we’re on call for the whole event. This means we dress into our running kit and
emerge from the tent on the Saturday morning ready to go.  We tend to try and relax until asked to run and keep well hydrated.


On the Saturday morning of the event the controller will often ask the hasties to check out teams which look as though they are heading the wrong way and at the same time give us a
chance to stretch our legs.. This year we ran to Chat Tor (a new control in the 2008 event) and made a loop to Bleak House and Green Tor before running down the spine of Amicombe back to the camp.


In the afternoon we helped to evacuate a casualty with broken ankle and were then deployed to run across Amicombe hill and search the Okement valley for a missing team. We returned via
Fur Tor for great views and an amazing downhill run down the grassy Western slopes. On the Sunday it was hot ands casualties were being evacuated by helicopter with exhaustion and dehydration. Towards the end of the event we were sent to Lynch Tor to check with the military control there that all expected teams had gone through their location.

Contacting Us

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