By Kevin Brown

Badge The Hasty section arose because team members in the early 90’s were competing in two day mountain marathon events such as the then Karrimor Mountain Marathon, Lowe Alpine, the Saunders and the Mournes. In these events runners navigate through mountain terrain in all weathers and carry food and camping gear for two days. Accustomed to running with a small sack these members saw the benefit of a lightly equipped running teams for search and rescue on Dartmoor.

To this day the training to compete in mountain marathon or endurance racing events forms the bedrock of fitness and endurance for most hasty team members. The equipment is similar and the running style the same. We don’t run particularly fast and the emphasis is on endurance and taking care to look after ourselves whilst searching for a casualty.


If it’s hot I’ll wear a thin Capilene short sleeved T and running shorts, if it’s cool I’ll add Lowe Alpine powerstretch tights and a long sleeved Capilene top and maybe a thin fleece too. Shoes are important and have to be light with a good tread. I run in Adidas Swoops and also like Salomon Cross Sped, although others prefer Walsh And Inov8s.


I pack a small lightweight sack for running (KIMM 25 litre , now an OMM) with, drybag inside contains kit for a callout. The KIMM sack has draw strings so once packed the contents can be squashed close to the back to avoid it bouncing or rattling about. Usually this means lightweight waterproofs, warm fleece, hat and gloves for self and spare fleece, hat and gloves for a casualty, KISU (group shelter), first aid kit, emergency food, food for running with, food for a casualty.


Spare base layer for self, Large First aid kit, Three torches, a main search torch which in my case is a Lupine Edison 10, with a Silva XXX as a back up. Finally a Petzl Tikka head torch which fits into the waistband pocket for lighting the map or for use on cas site. On the back of the sack, under string ties, I normally carry a laminated 1:25000 Dartmoor map and in an Ortlieb
map case a 1:40000 Harveys Dartmoor map. The Harvey’s is much better for running with and involves less folding as you run over a crease, but the OS is more useful for tracking a seach and micro-navigation.


Also in the waist pockets are a couple of waterproof Pentel pens (a green and a red) and a whistle. In the top pocket, behind mesh, is a green plastic filter, used for identifying to other search teams that we’re also a search team, a GPS, a water proof note pad and a spare Silva Orienteering compass. In the side elastics I often carry mineral or energy gels (e.g. SIS) useful for both the runners and for a casualty. The sack has a chest strap on which is a small green LED light and another whistle. The other waist belt pocket usually has a pair of thin running gloves and a mobile phone I a waterproof case.


As well as our own sacks the section has two callout hasty sacks which one member of a team will usually carry when deployed to search for a casualty. These sacks contain a casbag, (like a fleecy sleeping bag), bigger first aid kit, neck collar and many other items that could be useful at a cas site. However, these bigger sacks are uncomfortable to run with and most of us would rather carry our own sacks, which we know will fit and don’t try and turn of their own accord and which won’t chafe and rub.

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