DSRT Tavistock – 2002 Callouts


12 Jan 02: The Team was called out 1330 hrs to a local huntsman who fell from his horse on Gutter Tor, injuring his back. With the Air Ambulance fog bound, dogs were tasked to pinpoint the casualty and assist with recovery. The casualty was located and recovered by HMS Raleigh personnel.

20 Jan 02: At 1900 hrs the team was called out to assist in a search for a missing dog-walker. Missing person turned up safe and well while teams en route to RV. Incident closed at 2000 hrs.


21 Mar 02: The Team was called out at 0800hrs to search for a missing 42 yr old man in Merrivale area. All 3 Search Dog Teams were deployed and Alex Lyon’s navigator found initially a footprint in Longash wood. Search Dog Aitken then located the missing man unconscious in cave. The casualty was evacuated by rescue team members to the Air Ambulance


29 Apr 02: 3 of our Search Dog Teams along with Team Members were asked to search for a missing 60 yr old man in the Honiton area. The missing man was located confused but otherwise well as dogs were being deployed.


12 May 02: The Team was called out at 1300hrs to search for a group of 6 missing on the Ten Tors expedition. Dog teams deployed by helicopter to search between check points. Missing persons were located alive and well by search dog Nicki and were airlifted out.

13 May 02: 1 of our Search Dog Teams was deployed to assist DSRT (PLYMOUTH) in a search for a missing 60 yr old lady in the Plymouth area. The search was postponed until end of working day. Missing lady’s body was located in a garden a day or two later.

18 May 02: 3 DSRT (TAVISTOCK) Search Dog Teams along with team members acting as Navigators were called out by HM Coastguard to search a collapsed cliff in an area frequented by fishermen on the North Devon Coast.


22 Jul 02: The Team along with its 3 Search Dogs were deployed to search for a missing 50 yr old lady in the Baggator area of Dartmoor. The missing lady was located safe and well at Walkham by a Range Warden, having spent the night out after becoming lost in bad weather.

28 Jul 02: The Team was called out to search for a grandfather and his 2 grandchildren missing in Rough Tor area. They were all located safe and well by DRG team and locals, having become lost and benighted in bad weather


05/06 Aug 02: 2 of our Search Dogs Teams were deployed to assist Dartmoor Rescue Group Okehampton Section. Called out at 1800hrs to search for a 20 yr old student missing after wandering away from graduation ceremony into an area of sand dunes. Dogs searched the dunes around the point last seen, finding nothing. (A body of a female was later found floating in the sea)


15 Oct 02: 3 DSRT (TAVISTOCK) Search Dog Teams along with DSRT (OKEHAMPTON) were called in to one male with a leg injury at a known location. Foot teams backed up by dogs and located not one but two casualties! Casualty with fractured leg + 1 DRST member who also sustained a compound fracture of the leg during incident. Both were airlifted by RAF Seaking and the hypothermic girl carried 4 km to ambulance.

29 Oct 02: Team members along with colleagues from DSRT (PLYMOUTH) were called out at 0600 hrs to complete a search of china clay quarries around the village of Nanpean near St Austell for a missing 75 yr old female. Missing lady was located drowned in flooded pit a few days later by quarry workers.


19 Nov 02: The Team was called out in the early hours to search for a missing suicidal man near Cramber Tor on Dartmoor. The man was located alive and well at home in Plymouth before search teams were deployed.


16 Dec 02: 1 DSRT (TAVISTOCK) Search Dog Team with some Team personnel tasked to assist DSRT (ASHBURTON) at the scene of a crashed car that was found near Ivybridge; the driver was missing but believed to have suicidal tendencies. His mobile phone was discovered in vicinity of vehicle and a search of fields, woodland and golf course was carried out, with nothing found. The man later returned home.

There were no callouts in February, June or September of this year.