DSRT Tavistock – 2003 Callouts


15 Feb 03: One of our Search Dogs was called out at 0650 hrs to assist Ashburton and Okehampton in the search for a confused 82 yr old lady missing from previous night. Misper located safe and well before dog deployed. She had travelled by train to Bristol and had returned that morning and was found having tea and toast at a local hotel!


02 Mar 03: The Team with assistance from DSRT (PLYMOUTH) and Exmoor SRT were called to search for a missing 68 yr old man near Truro. Located safe and well in a store in Plymouth.


02 Apr 03: The team was deployed in the early hours of the morning to search for a 24 yr old woman with a history of self-harming, missing from home in Cornwall . Police located her car nr Princetown and a Police helicopter found her body nearby.


16 May 03: Police requested DSRT (TAVISTOCK) Search Dogs to carry out search for missing driver of a car found next to Tottiford Reservoir. Owner was known manic depressive with history of self-harm. Dogs used to search woodland behind car park; nothing found. Incident ongoing. ( Body later recovered by police Dive team)


29 Jun 03: The Team, along with Exmoor SRT and other DSRT’s were called out at 0500 hrs to search for 43 yr old known suicidal man near Yarcombe, Devon . Search later moved to Ofwell forest; nothing found.


18 Jul 03: The Team, along with DSRT (PLYMOUTH) were called out at 0615 hrs to search for 64 year old female who “went for a walk” after an argument with her husband in Truro the previous evening. Misper located safe and well by Police in Mevagissey, having walked all night.


03 Aug 03: The Team were called to search for missing 42 yr old man suffering from schizophrenia and epilepsy, missing from home in Bovey Tracey. DSRT (ASHBURTON) and DSRT (PLYMOUTH) were also in attendance along with 10 Search Dog Teams due to there being a national training weekend on Dartmoor. Misper was located 14 hours later in the cupboard under the stairs of his home address!

16 Aug 03: The Team were called out at 2030 hrs to assist our colleagues from Ashburton to search for a missing 28 yr old man from Reading whose car had been reported as being abandoned in a car park in Newbridge for 2 days. Misper had been arrested and bailed by Reading Police the previous week. Search of area around car carried out. Search called off when nothing found by 2100 hrs.


13 Sep 03: One of our Search Dog Teams while assessing other SARDA dogs in Keswick were called to assist SARDA Lakes to search for a woman missing since 0430 hrs from her tent near Walna Scar. She and her husband had been drinking. Search of local area and quarries carried out with nothing found. Missing woman turned up uninjured at home in Kendal.

26 Sep 03:1 DSRT (TAVISTOCK) Search Dog Team was called by Gloucester Police to assist them in a search for a 62 yr old lady who had not returned from her walk the previous evening. Police had searched the village of Lydney all night; SARDA dog was required to search woodland at behind her house. Misper was located by Police, some ½ mile from her position last seen, walking home.


03 Oct 03: 1 DSRT (TAVISTOCK) Search Dog Team requested to assist in the search for a vulnerable woman, missing from home in Torpoint with all of her tablets. Located safe and well by Police.

23 Oct 03: 1 DSRT (TAVISTOCK) Search Dog Team that was attending a training course in South Wales was asked to assist in search for a missing 14 year old vulnerable boy near Aberystwyth. Boy returned home safe and well before arrival at RV.


06 Nov 03: 1 DSRT (TAVISTOCK) Search Dog Team tasked to assist DSRT (ASHBURTON) in the search for missing 80 yr old man in Totnes area. Gentleman is a former WW2 pilot and thought the enemy were after him. He hid from search teams but was found alive and well, eating a bar of chocolate!

08 Nov 03: The Team was called out to assist Ashburton DRG at 0900 hrs to search for a missing, suicidal 27 yr old woman near Teignmouth. Woodland search carried out until misper was located alive and well by Police outside of the search area.

01 Dec 03: The Team was called out at 2105 to assist DRG Okehampton in the search for 35 missing Royal Marines in the Okehampton battle camp area whilst running in PT kit. Mispers located by Dartmoor Rescue Group foot team. Incident closed at 2230.

There were no callouts for January this year.