DSRT Tavistock – 2005 Callouts


06 Jan 05: The Team was deployed to search for a missing child on Devil’s Tor, Dartmoor. Woodland and moorland search carried out. Located uninjured but hypothermic.

14 Jan 05: Whilst on a national training course in Keswick 1 of our Search Dog Teams was deployed to assist other SARDA England Dog teams in the search for two walkers who had departed for a walk on the hill in very bad conditions. Whilst they had a map and compass, they were unable to use it due to a lack of experience. Keswick MRT team had phone connection to the walkers, who had stated they were on high ground, but unsure of where they were. A number of Lake Distict MRT foot teams deployed, and the walkers were located as the search dogs were being delpoyed.

23 Jan 05: 2 of our Search Dog Teams along with 2 team members were tasked to assist Exmoor SRT in the search for a Downed Helicopter in the Blackdown Hills area of Somerset. Exmoor SRT had been out overnight searching in blizzard conditions and the dogs were to be tasked to search dense woodland. The wreckage of the helicopter along with its deceased passengers was located by a farmer whilst the Search Dogs were enroute.


06 Feb 05: 2 of our Search Dog Teams were deployed in the continuation of a search from 14 Nov 2004 following police enquiries. They carried out a woodland search for a murder victim near Crownhill, Plymouth. Nothing found. Ongoing.


20 Mar 05: The team were called out to search for missing male walker in Merrivale area of Dartmoor. Misper located hypothermic 3 km from last known position by Police

28 Mar 05: The Team along with members of Dartmoor SRT (Okehampton) were called out at 1345 hrs. On Saturday 26th a 51 yr old male was intending to walk from Okehampton YHA to Bellever YHA. He did not reach his destination and was reported to Police when he failed to attend a navigation course at Bellever on the 28th. Moorland and river bank search of Postbridge area carried out with search areas going as far as Sittaford Tor and Fur Tor. Nothing found. The Search was called off at 0030hrs when all areas had been covered. Police investigation ongoing


30 Apr 05: 1 of our SARDA dogs was requested to join the search for 8 yr old boy, missing overnight from home in Street, Somerset. Found safe and well by Police in town centre just before dog were deployed.

30 Apr 05: 2 of our SARDA Dog Teams were placed on standby to assist Exmoor SRT and DRG Okehampton in the search for a 12 yr old girl who had run away from home in Tiverton when parents found out she was having a relationship with a 21 yr old man. Girl later returned home before dogs were deployed. One of the dogs had only just returned from a callout in Street!!


06 May 05: 1 Team member called as a Search Dog Navigator to assist Exmoor SRT’s Search Dog whilst they were returning from a national training course, in the search for missing 72 yr old male despondent, missing for 17 days in Martock, Somerset area. Misper had left a will, his passport and all his cash on his desk. (misper later located deceased 6k outside search area)

28 May 05: The Team along with members of DSRT (Okehampton) were called out at 1230 hrs to Copplestone, North Devon to search for a vulnerable 38 yr old man, last seen at 0300 early on Friday morning. He had failed to return home. Concern was high as he had taken all his medication with him. Search of woodland and drainage ditches near PLS carried out when man’s body was located by DSRT Tavistock section.


24 Jul 05: 2 DSRT (TAVISTOCK) Search Dog Teams along with Team members were called out at 1630 hrs to assist DSRT (ASHBURTON) in the search for a missing 10 yr old boy from Chagford. Located safe and well before search dogs deployed.


15 Aug 05: 1 Search dog along with Team members were deployed to carry out a woodland search near Yelverton, Dartmoor for a missing vulnerable woman. Nothing found.

18 Aug 05: Our Search dogs were called to assist DSRT (PLYMOUTH) in a woodland search for a 48 yr old Ivybridge man who had left a message that he was going to starve himself to death. Nothing found; incident ongoing..

23/24 Aug 05: 2 Search Dog Teams Called out to assist in the continuation search for missing 48 yr old man. Search moved to an area near Callington but stood down when Police found a letter that had been hand delivered that day to an address well out of the area.


04 Oct 05:2 Search Dog teams called to assist in search for 40 yr old female holidaymaker missing in Cornwall. Located safe and well by Police before dogs arrived at RV.

14 Oct 05: 1 of our SARDA teams were called out by Cornwall SRT to search farmland for a 78 yr old man missing from home after being discharged from hospital. Found by Police back in the hospital.

24/25 Oct 05: The team was called at 2145hrs to search for a man and lady who were out walking on Dartmoor when the lady injured a muscle in her thigh and was unable to continue. Due to the large search area, colleagues from DSRT (OKEHAMPTON) were also called to assist. Search of area and suspected route was carried out when mispers located by DSRT team members. Casualties were heli-vac’d to safety. The Incident closed at 0630 hrs on 25th

27 Oct 05: 2 DSRT (TAVISTOCK) Search Dogs and 2 team members were called at 1045hrs to assist Cornwall SRT to search for 24 yr old female missing overnight from home in St Columb. The Misper was located safe and well by Police before dogs were deployed. Incident closed at 1200 hrs.


05 Nov 05: The Team was tasked to search for a missing male walker at Princetown, Dartmoor. The Moorland search was underway when the misper was located uninjured by a foot team.

14 Nov 05: Our 2 Search Dog Teams were requested to assist in the search for a 74 yr old man missing from his home in Kilmington. The Misper was located by Police at home before dogs arrived. Incident closed at 1800 hrs.


26 Dec 05: Two of our Search Dog Teams were called out at 0630hrs on Boxing Day to assist DSRT (ASHBURTON) to search for a 48 yr old man missing from home in Exeter. They were tasked to carry out searchs of parks and woodland near his home They had been searching for about 8hrs when the Misper returned home safe and well. The Incident was closed at 1400 hrs. Also involved were DSRT’s Plymouth and Okehampton.

31 Dec 05: Two of our SARDA Dog Teams were called out to assist Cornwall Rescue Group to search for 27 year old local gent missing from home. Dog teams stood down when he was found in London

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