DSRT Tavistock – 2011 Callouts


25 December 11 (23)

We were called at 08.50 by the Police to assist them in a search for a 76 year old lady who has dementia. She had not returned from a walk in Bere Alston. As deployment was being planned we were stood down as the misper had been located.

15 December 11 (22)

The Team were called by Police around midday and asked to continue a search which had begun the previous evening. An 86 year old man had been missing in inclement weather from his home in Galmpton since lunchtime on Wednesday, causing concern for his welfare. A search had been carried out through most of the night by DSR members from Ashburton and Plymouth teams as well as a SARDA dog team from DSRT Tavistock, Police personnel and Coastguards.

We deployed search teams, including two SARDA search dogs to recheck areas searched in the dark and to extend the search area in specific directions. About 16.20 one of the search dogs located the missing person, who was confirmed to be deceased. Team personnel assisted the Police in the recovery of the body.

03 December 11 (21)

The Team were called at about 6.30 p.m. regarding an incident involving a canoeist in difficulties on the River Dart, downstream of Dartmeet. The problem was resolved by a Police unit before our team were mobilised.


06 November 11 (20)

The Team were called by Police and requested to search for a 29 year old male who had been missing for two days. Information suggested he might be in the area surrounding Burrator reservoir.

After a short search by members of DSRT Tavistock and DSRT Plymouth the body of the missing man was located in woodland. Some members remained to secure the site and then recover the deceased to the roadside for transportation.

05 November 11 (19)

Just as team members were finishing a day of training at Okehampton Battle Camp we were called by South West Ambulance Trust to assist in recovering a casualty from Abbeyford Wood, Okehampton. A male walker had slipped on a muddy slope and fractured an ankle. After treatment by paramedics he was stretchered from the woodland to the ambulance by members of DSRT’s Tavistock, Okehampton and Ashburton.


01 October 11 (18)

At 16.00 we were called by the Police to locate a group of four females, three of whom were teenagers, lost on the South Moor north of Red Lake tip. The callout was transferred to DSRT Ashburton as they were nearer and could access by Land Rover via the Red Lake tramway track.

At 17.10 we were called again to take over the callout, as the walkers were much further North than we had been informed. On arrival at Peat Cott the mispers were visible at Gt Gnats’Head cairn. A hasty team was sent directly there and also a supporting walking team. After re-hydration the walkers were assisted to the Team Land Rover near Plym Ford and recovered to Peat Cott.


24 September 11 (17)

The Team was called at 21.00 to assist DSRT Okehampton to find two lost walkers who had been en route between the Fox & Hounds near Bridestowe and Lanehead. They had no compass and had became lost in low cloud and mist. They were located by a foot team at 23.40, 300 metres N of Chat Tor.

01 September 11 (16)

At about 18.00 Cornwall Search and Rescue Team requested our assistance to search for an elderly missing female who had not returned from a morning walk on Kit Hill.

The Team, including three Search Dog teams, responded. Soon after arrival at Kit Hill were stood down, as the missing person had just arrived at an address she had lived at many years before.


28 August 11 (15)

We were called by the Police at 19.00 to search for a lone female who had not returned from a morning walk on the moor near Cox Tor. Due to previous history there were concerns for her safety, especially as she was not dressed or equipped to remain on Dartmoor overnight. After requesting a check on location of her mobile phone the Team was stood down as it appeared she was near Plympton. Within an hour we were called again to redeploy, as another check on her phone placed her in the vicinity of our original search start point. As the Team were en route we were again stood down as the missing person had been located at the roadside by a Police unit .

3 August 11 (14)

One of the teams SARDA dag handlers and a team member as navigator were called to assist Cornwall SRT in the search for a missing walker on Bodmin Moor. The walker later turned up safe and well having knocked on the door of a moorland farmhouse and asked for assistance.


26 July 11 (13)

Tavistock Team were called at around 23.00 on 25th July and asked to assist in the search for an 81 year old male walker, who had been missing from Harford Moor Gate since 16.30 that day. Plymouth and Ashburton teams, with two Search dogs were to continue their search into the early hours. It was agreed that our Team would commence searching early the following morning with the benefit of daylight to improve our chances of success.

During the course of the morning members from all four Dartmoor Search & Rescue Teams, with four Search Dogs and a SAR helicopter extended the area of search from that covered the previous day. At around 11.30 the missing gentleman arrived at the Search Control point in a taxi, none the worse from an overnight stay on the open Moor. He had walked, in wellingtons, for most of the time that he had been missing eventually reaching Sheepstor village.

23 July 11 (12)

The teams SARDA search dog handlers were called to assist Cornwall SRT for a missing person in the St Tudy area of Cornwall.

15 July 11 (11)

The Team were called at 13.20 to assist the Ambulance service. A 12 year old girl had fallen from her bicycle on the old Princetown railway line near Swelltor quarry and sustained a leg injury. Because of low cloud and heavy rain the Devon Air Ambulance was not available and so our LandRover ambulance transported team members and an ambulance service paramedic to the accident site. Other team members walked out to assist in loading the casualty into our ambulance, which then transported her to the SWAST ambulance waiting on the public highway.


25 June 11 (10)

The team were called by the Police at 11.30 to search for a female walker and her dog. She had left Norsworthy Bridge at Burrator and after walking for an hour and a half had become disorientated and lost in thick mist and low cloud. She was located by a search team and escorted back from the Moor.

18 June 11 (9)

Several of the teams SARDA dog handlers were called out to assist Cornwall SRT in the search for a missing despondent 68 year old man in farmland near Newquay. The search was stood down at about 5pm with nothing found.

17 June 11 (8)

The team were called out to locate and extract an injured horse rider in the Pew Tor area of Dartmoor.

17 June 11 (7)

SARDA Dog handlers from DSRT Tavistock along with team members as navigators were called by Exmoor SRT to search for a boy with special needs missing around the Barnstable area. After a long days search in thick woodland and farmland, nothing was found.

The boy later turned up having been hiding out several miles away from the search area.

12 June 11 (6)

Around Lunchtime, the teams SARDA search dogs were called to assist DSRT Okehampton in the search for a despondent man in fields around the edge of the town.

He was later discovered by a local farmer hiding in one of his barns.


29 May 11 (5)

Just as everybody was returning home at about 1800 hrs. the same day, we were called again by the Police to help find a missing Male in the Cox Tor area.

Visibility in the thick mist was down to about 20 metres, but in just over an hour we located him north of Gt. Mis Tor beside the Walkham.

He was well off course when he bumped into a D of E team who handed him over to us, and we walked him back to Merrivale, luckily none the worse for his adventure.

A good result for the whole team at the end of a long day !

28/29 May 11 (4)

Members of DSRT (Tav.) were requested by the Police to search woodland around the Fernworthy Reservoir area.

We were ably assisted by SARDA dog teams and searched many forest tracks and open areas nearby throughout the weekend.

The missing person had previously attended a ‘rave’ in the woods, and has unfortunately, not yet been found.

9 May 11 (3)

The team were called at about 03.00 to assist DSRT Plymouth in a search near Saltram House, Plympton.

The subject of the search was a 33 year old, depressed female from the local area, who was thought to be at risk and had been missing for over twelve hours.

Team members including two search dog teams were deployed to search woodland and fields including part of the Saltram estate.

We were stood down at around 06.00 when the search was suspended. In the afternoon we were informed that the missing person had been located alive, in the Torquay area.


22 April 11 (2)

Three of the teams Dog handlers were called to assist HM Coastguard in a search for a 36 year old male, missing after going for a walk near Hartland Point. His body was later found by a member of the public in the water.

Handlers: Alex Lyons (Max) Nicki Lyons (Cavos) Matt Robertson (Scoot)
Team 3 HM Coastguard teams
Police Authority: Devon and Cornwall



02 MAR 11 (1)

Three of DSRT Tavistocks SARDA Teams were called to assist and Devon & Cornwall Police after a Car was reported being in a Coastal car park for two days.

A search of thick gorse on cliff tops near Bedruthan revealed no trace of the missing man and was called off at1900. However, Alex Lyons reported indications from his search dog Max at a point above High Cove.

A H M Coast guard rescue team followed up on the search debrief the next day and found a man’s body, on the beach, under the cliffs near the point where Max had indicated.

Dog Handlers: Alex Lyons (Max), Nicki Lyons (Cavos), Ian Bertie (Ronnie) and Alan Hill (Sunny). (DSRT Plymouth)