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DSRT Tavistock – 2012 Callouts

DECEMBER- Non team callouts involving team members.
25th December 2012 (26)
2 of the teams SARDA Dog Handlers were called to assist Cornwall SRT in a search for a 26 year old male, who had telephoned Police to say he was ill and could not walk. Located by Cornwall SRT members and stretchered to their Land Rover, then taken to hospital by Ambulance.

NOVEMBER – Team Callouts
3rd November 2012 (25)
At 17.30, as several members were having their evening meal at Okehampton Army Training Camp after completing a day of exercising on Northern Dartmoor, we were called by Ambulance control to assist them with a casualty on the moor. The gentleman had been walking near Down Tor, slipped and suffered a fractured ankle. As many DSRT Tavistock members were away, on holiday and other training events, we called DSRT Plymouth and some members of DSRT Ashburton to perform an efficient recovery of the casualty by stretcher to a SWAST ambulance at Norsworthy Bridge.

OCTOBER – Team Callouts
30th October 2012 (24)
At 20.15 South West Ambulance Service requested our assistance in dealing with an incident at Foggintor Quarry. A 21 year old male had fallen during an abseil in darkness in the quarry which had resulted in a fractured leg. On arrival at the R.V. we were informed that Royal Marine personnel and a paramedic had recovered the casualty to a military ambulance and so the Team were stood down.

OCTOBER- Non team callouts involving team members.
8th October 2012 (23)
Two of the teams SARDA Dog Handlers were called to assist Cornwall SRT in a search for a 90 year old male. Located cold and wet by a Police Dog.

SEPTEMBER – Team Callouts
29th September 2012(22)
At 10.40 we were called by the Police to assist in the search for an at risk female believed to be the Sharpitor, Leeden Tor area of Dartmoor. As the Team were being called to deploy we were stood down as she had been located by the Police.

4th September 2012 (21)
South West Ambulance Service Trust called for assistance at 12.10 for a 57 year old female cyclist who had fallen from her bicycle, 500 metres south of Nun’s Cross Farm. She had sustained a fracture of her right leg and required evacuation to an ambulance at Peat Cott. Due to the weather conditions it was thought to be unlikely that a helicopter would be available. Team members reached the site as the weather cleared and just before arrival of the air ambulance. They assisted paramedics in loading the casualty into the helicopter and then transported the husband and cycles back to Princetown.

SEPTEMBER- Non team callouts involving team members.
16th September 2012 (20)
Three of the teams SARDA Dog Handlers were called to assist Cornwall SRT in a search for a 69 year old despondent male. Police enquires on going.

AUGUST- Team Callouts
29th August 2012
At 20.15 the Police requested our assistance in locating five young people undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh Award Gold expedition on Dartmoor. There was concern as they had not been seen since 15.00 the previous day and were overdue at the evening check point. As the Team were being deployed to Burrator we were stood down as the missing group were located.

13th AUG 2012 (19)
Called at 0930 to a continuation of a search for an elderly lady with dementia who had been missing since the previous day near Paignton, along with DSRT Okehampton , Exmoor SRT and SARDA. An overnight search by DSRT Ashburton and DSRT Plymouth together with police search teams had proved unsuccessful. Missing lady found in dense woodland, after a heat signature had been identified by a thermal imaging camera on the Police helicopter.

11th AUG 2012 (18)
Called by Ambulance Control at 1530 to locate and recover an injured female walker near Childe’s Tomb. The casualty had fallen while crossing a stream and had sustained a broken wrist. After treatment, casualty was able to walk off with assistance and was taken by ambulance to Derriford Hospital.

4th AUG 2012 (17)
At 1130 Ambulance Control requested assistance in evacuating a 60 year old male who had collapsed between Nun’s Cross and Fox Tor. Casualty located, treated and evacuated by stretcher and Landrover and handed over to Ambulance crew at Peat Cot.

2nd AUG 2012 (16)
The police called us at 23.00 to search for a team of six Scouts who were missing on Dartmoor, south of Princetown. Their Scoutmasters had lost phone contact with them hours earlier and were concerned for their safety.

Our Team, including two search dog teams, deployed from Peat Cott and searched until 05.30. We had called DSRT Plymouth, soon after our arrival at Peat Cott, to assist and they deployed searchers from the car park near Gutter Tor.

The search was called off when the youngsters arrived at their main camp at Clearbrook at 10.30 on Friday morning, none the worse for their overnight stay on the Moor.

AUGUST- Non team callouts involving team members.
13th AUG 2012 (15)
Three of the teams SARDA Dog Handlers were called to assist Dartmoor SRT Okehampton in the search for the 76 year old female after new information had been given. Located by Police Helicopter.

3nd AUG 2012 (14)
Several of DSRT Tavistocks SARDA dog handlers were called to assist Cornwall SRT in the search for a missing person. The person was later located by the police.

27th JULY 2012 (13)
SWAST called at 12.45 for our assistance in dealing with a walker with an injured ankle who was on remote moorland to the North East of Great Mis Tor. While the Team were responding some of our team SARDA dog handlers, who were exercising on the Moor, were able to deploy immediately towards the casualty site. The air ambulance had also responded and evacuated the casualty just before the dog teams arrived.

16th JULY 2012 (12)
This evening was an ambulance assist for a male with suspected hypothermia near the river by Wistman’s Wood. On arrival at RV, 15mins after call, no sign of Ambulance personnel. On checking with Ambulance control was informed that air ambulance was wthin minutes of cas site. Air ambulance evacuated one member of the Dof E team. Foot team deployed to escort others back to RV as their ability was questionable, having taken over three hours to get from Two Bridges to the casualty site . Three years in a row Greycote School have provide us with some practice.

15th JULY 2012 (11)
Sunday callout was for a vulnerable male who was reported missing at 01.00 . We were called at 11.00 to undertake a search as there were concerns for his safety. Just over half an hour later further Police checks revealed he had left area by taxi quite some time previously !! Stand down sent.

1st JULY 2012 (10)
DSRT Tavistock was called at 16.30 to join with DSRT Plymouth in assisting the Ambulance service to recover an injured female from the moor near Cadover Bridge. As some team members reached the RV, with others still en route, the Air Ambulance arrived and evacuated the casualty.

10th JUNE 2012 (9)
DSRT SARDA Dog handlers and team members as navigators were called to assist Cornwall SRT in the search for a missing 64 year old holiday maker with dementia near Lanivet. The misper was located and evacuated to hospital.

2nd JUNE 2012 (8)
At 7 p.m. the Team were requested by the Police to search for a missing female walker, who had reported herself lost in thick mist, somewhere north of the Warren House Inn.
From the details given the Search Manager advised Police control of her likely location. As the Team were deploying we were stood down as the subject had been located by the Police.

28th MAY 2012 (7)
DSRT Tavistock and Cornwall SRT were called at 4.30 p.m. to search for a 50 yr old male, potential suicide in the Gunnislake area. An extensive search of forestry and river banks was carried out for nearly six hours. The search was suspended with a view to continuing at daybreak. The following day the Police closed the search as new information had been received and the subject was no longer in that area.

28th MAY 2012 (6)
We were called at about 1 a.m. to assist DSRT Okehampton in a search for a male thought to be at risk. He had been missing for several hours on high ground above Okehampton.
Just after team members arrived the subject was spotted passing the RV, oblivious to the search being undertaken for him.

28th MAY 2012 (5)
SARDA dag handlers and navigators from DSRT Tavistock were called to assist Cornwall SRT in the search for a vulnerable elderly person. They were stood down on route after the misper was located cold but safe.

7th MAY 2012 (4)
DSRT Tavistock called by Police at 4 p.m. to respond to an incident in Tavistock. A 36 yr old male despondent had taken an overdose and was threatening to jump from the viaduct. He had not been located there and we were required to search. During deployment we were stood down as the Police had located the subject by the River Tavy at the edge of town.

5th MAY 2012 (3)
DSRT Tavistock put on standby by DSRT Plymouth to assist in a search for a despondent 52yr old male in the Plymbridge area. Both teams were stood down before deployment.

20th MARCH 2012 (2)
The Team were called just after 7 pm to search for a 50 year old male, who was lost in the Sandy Hole Pass area of Dartmoor. The Team was stood down en route to Postbridge when the missing person was located by the Police helicopter.

21 JANUARY 12 (1)
We were called at 10.00 to join DSRT Plymouth in a search for a 52 year old female on the outskirts of Paington. There were concerns for her welfare as she had been missing since the afternoon of the previous day and had not been found during an all night search conducted by Police, HM Coastguard and DSRT Ashburton.

Team members, including five SARDA search dogs teams, searched throughout the day until stood down as darkness approached. Search dog teams were deployed again on the Sunday morning.

The search was called off when a body was discovered in a garden outside of the designated search area. It was later confirmed that this was the subject of our search.

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