DSRT Tavistock – 2013 Callouts

01 JANUARY 13 (1)
We were called by the Police at 23.20 to search for a high risk female missing from Saltash since 19.20. Tracing her mobile phone suggested she was on Dartmoor, between North and East of Yelverton but no range. Advised Police to use SARLOC and if a fix was obtained or her car located we would deploy. At 01.10 we were advised misper had arrived at Derriford A&E.

27 January 13 (2)

At 14.25 we were requested by the Police to locate and recover an injured female from Pew Tor. She had suffered a lower leg injury and was unable to walk. She was located,assessed, treated and stretchered from the Tor to the roadside, from where she was taken to Derriford Hospital.

02 February 13 (3)

SW Ambulance Service called at 12.40 asking us to deal with a casualty at Lynch Tor. A 14 year old girl in a team training for Ten Tors was experiencing a bad asthma attack. As our Team were being paged we were stood down, as an air ambulance was en route to the incident.

09 March 13 (4)

At 21.30 the Police asked us to search for four teenagers who were long overdue after a day training for Ten Tors. The Police believed the group were near Bellever Forest and the RV was Higher Cherrybrook Bridge car park. Once our Search Manager had obtained further information the focus of the search was changed to Fernworthy Forest. DSRT Okehampton were called to assist us. Visibility was poor, down to 30 metres making searching difficult. The missing cadets were located near Teignhead Farm. The deployment lasted four hours.

10 March 13 (5)

The Team were called by the Police at 14.30 to deal with an incident near Nun’s Cross Farm. A party of three adults and two teenage girls had reported that one of the girls had injured her knee and could not walk any further. There was a rapid response as the weather was very cold with snow flurries on the Moor. The group were located about 700 metres east of Nun’s Cross Farm and both teenagers were found to be suffering from hypothermia. They were stretchered to a six wheel vehicle, part of the HART team, which relayed them to the roadhead.

13 March 13 (6)

Cornwall SRT called at 15.30 asking for assistance in a search for a female missing from her home since 04.30. She was thought to be a sleepwalker and this had occurred previously. The search control was initially based at Tregeer but DSRT Tavistock moved their control to Tresmeer to manage their search areas more easily. DSRT Okehampton were also called to assist. The search continued all night, but with DSRT Tavistock stood down at 01.30 with a view to being redeployed in the morning. The missing person was located late the following day near Piper’s Pool, none the worse for her adventure.

23 April 13 (7)

The Team were called at 17.30 by the Police who had been informed a 20 year old male had climbed a Tor and was unable to get down. They had no definite location, just that it was within a couple of miles of Merrivale. Local knowledge suggested only a couple of Tors in that area where and adult might encounter problems and he was rapidly located on top of a rock stack at Great Staple Tor. With persuasion and use of ropes for security he was recovered to the ground and walked to the roadside, embarrassed and cold.

27 April 13 (8)

At 21.10 we were asked by the Police to attend an incident above Raddick Falls. A male teenager who was part of a team training for Ten Tors was reported to have lower leg or ankle problems which was preventing further walking. We called DSRT Plymouth to assist us with the evacuation of the lad by stretcher to the Princetown road, where he was assessed by a doctor and a paramedic, before being discharged to the care of his Team Manager.

08 May 13 (9)

DSRT Plymouth called at 05.00 to put us on standby to assist in a search for a 42 year old at risk female who had been missing since early the previous evening. We were stood down when the Police received further information regarding the missing person.

11 May 13 (10)

SW Ambulance control called at 14.00 asking for assistance for a female with a bad ankle injury near Meldon reservoir. Team personnel at Okehampton Camp for Ten Tors along with some DSRT Okehampton members started to deploy to the incident. We were stood down as the air ambulance had been able to land near the casualty site.

12 May 13 (11)

As the 2013 Ten Tors event was coming to close a callout was initiated as there was deep concern for a lone male participant who had become separated from the rest of his team in worsening weather conditions. The search involved members from three of the Dartmoor SRTeams, including two SARDA dog teams and also some service personnel. The lad was found safe, sheltering in the stable at Yes Tor.

18 May 13 (12)

At 21.30 we were called by SW Ambulance control asking us to assist with a female at Pew Tor, who had suffered an open fracture of her lower leg. Team members joined ambulance personnel in treating the injury and after application of a vacuum splint she was stretchered to an ambulance waiting on the road.

29 June 13 (13)

DSRT Okehampton called at 20.10 requesting our assistance in the search for an 80 year old man. He had taken his dog for a walk from Belstone village and had not returned. As some of our team members reached the RV we were stood down as the missing person had been located.

6 July 13 (14)

At 19.00 we were called by the Police to search for an 86 year old man with medical problems including dementia. He had been missing from his home in Rock, near Padstow, since early afternoon and in spite of intensive efforts by Police, Maritime Coastguard Agency and Police helicopter he had not been located. Team members, including a Sarda search dog handler , as well as some members from DSRT Plymouth attended the incident. Not long after beginning our search one of our teams located the missing gentleman in thick undergrowth after he had fallen over a wire fence. After examination by one of our team doctors he was stretchered by DSRT and MCA personnel to an ambulance. It was a good example of multi-agency cooperation for a successful outcome.

12 July 13 (15)

DSRT Ashburton requested our assistance at Haytor. A young mother and her 5 year old son had died after falling from the top of Low Man, Haytor Rocks and it was feared her 2 year old son was also in the vicinity. Before we started our search the child’s body was located at the family home and we were stood down.

31 July 13 (16)

DSRT Tavistock and DSRT Ashburton spent the evening continuing the search for an 83 year old lady, who had been missing from her home on the edge of Exeter since the previous Friday. Unfortunately the lady was not located.

2 August 13 (17)

At 15.15 the Police asked us to assist with a female walker who had become trapped in undergrowth near Daveytown. As our members were deploying the lady was spotted by the Police helicopter and local Police assisted her from the moor.

4 August 13 (18)

The SW Ambulance Service called at 10.00 asking for us to attend an incident near Tor Royal, Princetown. A 35 year old female had fallen into the leat and it was suspected that she had sustained a fracture of her ankle. Team members stretchered her along the leat and to a waiting ambulance.

6 August 13 (19)

At 07.30 we were asked to attend a collapsed soldier who had lost consciousness near Sheepstor. On arrival team members found that his colleagues had got the soldier to an ambulance and further assistance was not required.

11 August 13 (20)

We were called to assist with the recovery of an injured male from below the Plymbridge cycleway near the tunnel at Knowle Wood. As this location was nearer to DSRT Plymouth we alerted them and provided additional manpower to stretcher the casualty, who had sustained two fractures to his leg, to a waiting ambulance.

19 August 13 (21)

At 16.00 we were called by Police to deal with an incident at Great Staple Tor. A 37 year old male had climbed the narrow tall rock stack and was unable to descend. With encouragement and assistance from team members he was returned to ground level .

21 August 13 (22)

At 01.45 the Police requested our assistance in searching for a female despondent missing from North Dimson, near Gunnislake. While discussing possible deployment areas we were stood down as the misper had been located.

3 September 13 (23)

Ambulance control requested our assistance to deal with an injured girl at Sharrah Pool, on the River Dart. Ambulance personnel could not move her from that location and winching by helicopter was not viable. SWAST had not been able to contact DSRT Ashburton to deal with the incident but we were able to call them out and offer support if required.

15 September 13 (24)

The Police called us at 15.25 to search for a 60 year old lady lost in poor visibility near Little Trowlesworthy Tor. We passed the call to DSRT Plymouth and provided manpower to support the search. The lady was located safe and well behind a stone boundary wall, sheltering from the bad weather.

27 September 13 (25)

We were called by DSRT Okehampton at around 0100 to join them in a search for a 56 year old man who had been missing since lunchtime the previous day. He had been seen last near Bleak House ruins and there were concerns for his safety as he had no map or compass, was only lightly dressed and had inappropriate footwear for the terrain. The weather was poor, with very strong winds and thick mist and low cloud. With caution a Sea King SAR helicopter deployed some teams deeper into the moor as the search area was expanded. He was located by one of our search teams around 0600, half way along Tavy Cleave. He was wet and cold but able to be escorted back to our Landrover at Lanehead.

12 October 13 (26)

09.58 Put on standby by Police as a rucksack had been located near Pew Tor. As no further information was obtained we were not deployed

17 October 13 (27)

A 04.11 Ambulance control requested our assistance with an incident near Sharpitor. A 28 year old male was reported to have fallen and hurt his leg and back and was unable to move any further. In darkness and thick mist two Search Dog teams were deployed immediately to the area he was thought to be in. Just before 05.00 the casualty and his walking companion were located on the ridge, halfway between Peek Hill and Sharpitor. While the casualty was assessed other Team members guided a 4×4 HART ambulance to the site. He was transported on a stretcher by 4×4 to the main ambulance, while our members escorted his friend back to the RV.

21 October 13 (28)

We were put on standby at 18.50 to assist with a kayaker reported in difficulty near Lopwell Dam. We were stood down when DSRT Plymouth arrived at site and found the incident had already been resolved.

3 November 13 (29)

A joint search by DSRT Tavistock and DSRT Plymouth was organised to try and locate a despondent 37 year old male who also had other medical problems. He was believed by Police to be in the area around Burrator reservoir. After three hours searching particular locations nothing relevant was found and we stood down.

25 November 13 (30)

Called by Police to search with DSRT Plymouth for a Royal Marine missing on Dartmoor during a night exercise. As members were deploying to Peat Cot we were stood down as a SAR helicopter had located the missing person.

15 December 13 (31)

At 12.55 we were requested to search for two female walkers who were lost in thick mist and low cloud on the moor near Princetown. As members arrived at Devil’s Bridge to begin the search we were informed that the missing persons had been located by a DNP ranger and transported to their vehicle.