DSRT Tavistock – 2014 Callouts

1st January 2014 (1)
At 13.20 DSRT Plymouth requested our assistance with a call from SWAST to evacuate an injured walker at Harrowbeer. As team members were deploying to the incident we were stood down as ambulance personnel had managed to get the casualty to the ambulance.

4th Jan2014 (2)

At 19.35 we were requested to assist in the search for an 18year old male missing from Membland near Noss Mayo. It was planned to continue the search early on 5th Jan using multiple agencies. As very bad weather was forecast for that day it was agreed that DSRT Tavistock would not attend the search but provide cover for the Western side of Dartmoor in case of other incidents.

10th Jan 2014 (3)

At 21.05 we were put on standby by the Police as they had concerns regarding the safety of a 12 year old girl missing from home in Gunnislake. We were stood down before deploying as she had been located safe and well.

11th Jan 2014 (4)

At 14.30 we were again called by the Police to assist with a 71 year old lady walker who had become trapped in deep mud near Brentor. At that time they were still trying to ascertain the location. We were stood down as she was spotted from the Police helicopter and Police personnel and local farmers managed to extricate her.

4th Feb 2014 (5)

At 21.30 we were put on standby along with DSRT Plymouth to assist with the possible evacuation of the village of Kingsand due to the extreme weather and high tides predicted for the evening. We were later stood down as the weather conditions improved and risk of flooding was no longer imminent.

11th Feb 2014 (6)

Requested at midday to assist other search teams regarding a missing despondent near Barnstaple.

14th February (7)

The Police requested our assistance at 11.000 in the search for a vulnerable elderly male with medical problems, who had been missing with his dog for several days. The search was based at Higher Longford Caravan Park at Moorshop, where the missing gentleman had resided for many years. An extensive search was carried out in inclement weather by our members and colleagues from DSRT Plymouth including Search Dog teams, covering all the areas where he was known to have walked his dog. As light began to fade the search was suspended for the night. Several hours later the gentleman’s dog returned alone to his mobile home.

15th February 2014 (8)

The search was restarted early in the morning involving ourselves and DSRT Plymouth and six Search Dog teams. Areas searched previously were covered again, particularly those covered more densely in vegetation and also streams and watercourses. In spite of the efforts of all involved the search was unsuccessful.

There was a sad outcome to this incident, when on the following morning the body of the missing gentleman was spotted from the Police helicopter, laying in a muddy pond, which on previous days had been full due to the heavy rain experienced all that week.

8th March 2014 (9)

Ambulance control called at 15.40 for us to assist a 56 year old lady with a suspected fracture of an ankle. She was believed to have slipped on uneven ground on the slopes of White Tor. The team was deployed and the Team LandRover was used to transport an Ambulance Paramedic and equipment to the incident site over rough ground. Team members also were transported by 4×4 vehicle to assist with a possible stretcher recovery of the casualty. As the leg injury was being treated we were informed the Air Ambulance was en route to evacuate her to an ambulance waiting at the roadhead. The helicopter picked up the casualty and then landed at the roadside and members assisted with her transfer to the ambulance.

16th March 2014 (10)

At 16.55 we were called by Police to search for 8 youngsters training for Ten Tors, who were long overdue at a checkpoint on the southern Moor. The weather had deteriorated and visibility was extremely limited. As our members assembled in Princetown the missing walkers were located south of Erme Pits. One of their team managers escorted them from the Moor.

16th March 2014 (11)

At around midnight we were called along with DSRT Plymouth to search for an at risk 53 year old male from the Plymstock area. His car had been located by Police in a car park at Norsworthy Bridge, Burrator. In spite of an extensive search by members, Search dog teams and Police they were unable to locate the missing man.

17th March 2014 (12)

At 0825 the Police requested that our Team start a new search, along with members from DSRT’s Ashburton, Okehampton and Plymouth, for the missing male in the Burrator area. As the Rescue Teams’ members began to assemble at the RV point the operation was concluded as, sadly, the subject’s body had been located in the woodland by Police personnel.

6th April 2014 (13)

At 11.38 South West Ambulance Service requested our assistance with an injured cyclist at Sourton Tor. The male mountain biker had sustained facial and ankle injuries and was recovered to Prewley Water works and transferred to an ambulance.

6th April 2014 (14)

The Police called us at 20.00 to search for a missing group of four Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award trainees. They were walking from Nun’s Cross to Piles Copse in very poor weather conditions, heavy rain and dangerous rivers. There were concerns for their safety as they had not been seen since 08.30. The search was called off at 04.00 with plans to resume at daybreak. The group were found off moor next morning having sheltered in Harford Church during the night.

15th April 2014 (15)

At 18.11 the Police called us regarding two walkers who had reported themselves lost, having walked on the moor for 5 and a half hours from their start at Baggator. We were able to use SARLOC to establish their location which was near Lydford Tor. We called their mobile and advised them to walk down to the footbridge on the Cowsic River, which they could see and then to the roadhead at Holming Beam. Our team LandRover was despatched to meet them there to transport them back to their car.

17th April 2014 (16)

The Police requested our assistance with a high risk missing person in the Gunnislake area. As details were being discussed we were stood down as fresh information had been received.

18th April 2014 (17)

07.20 called by DSRT Plymouth to assist with a search for a high risk 72 year old male, who had been missing from the St John area near Torpoint for 24 hours. As team members were en route to the RV point we were stood down as the subject of the search had been located outside of the local area.

26th April 2014 (18)

At 13.25 we were called by the HARTeam of South West Ambulance Service. We were requested to assist with evacuating a casualty from Chat Tor. The subject was a thirteen year old girl, believed to be part of a team training for Ten Tors. As our team members were en route to the RV we were stood down as an air ambulance had reached the casualty site, having flown in rough weather conditions.

24th May 2014 (19)

The Police called us at 18.45 to respond to a report, from a walker at Fur Tor, of people under an orange shelter in the Eastern Red Lake area, signalling with lights. As we deployed the weather was poor, with driving rain, thick mist and low cloud and river water levels were high and dangerous. A hasty search of Eastern Red Lake area was carried out and no-one located so a more extensive search including two SARDA dog teams was performed, from Western Red lake to Fur Tor. Once satisfied that the party reported were no longer in the area the search was concluded at 22.30, although it then took until just before midnight for all searchers to return to our RV control point at Baggator Gate.

6th July 2014 (20)

The team were called at 2315 to assist DSRT Plymouth and SW Ambulance HART in dealing with an incident in the Plym valley downstream from Cadover Bridge. A male had fallen into the river and sustained a fracture to his leg. On arrival the members were deployed to locate the casualty and following treatment by the HART paramedics they assisted in an arduous stretcher carry of the casualty over rough ground to an ambulance. The operation concluded at around 0330.

17th July 2014 (21)

The Police called at 17.50 requesting assistance following a report of a suspicious incident involving two children the previous evening. After consultation regarding the circumstances a search was carried out in woodland along the Eastern bank of the River Tamar from opposite Cotehele down toward Weir Quay. The area was covered by foot teams and search dogs working in thickly vegetated steep ground. The search was stood down at 22.00 with nothing located.

30th July 2014 (22)

The team were called at 16.50 by the Police following the discovery of a small rucksack at Burrator containing a suicide note. Once further information was obtained the Team were called out to be deployed from Norsworthy Bridge to search for a middle-aged male. We called DSRT Plymouth to assist, for maximum coverage during daylight hours. Teams were tasked initially to search tracks, reservoir banks and Tor summits. The Police helicopter carried out a search of open areas and so we retasked to search woodland and scrub and this included the use of four search dog teams. The search was stood down around 22.00 as darkness approached.

31st July 2014 (23)

We were called at 13.10 to assist the Ambulance Service in recovering a lady with leg injuries from rough moorland alongside the O’Brook above Week Ford on the River Dart. Team members stretchered the casualty to the waiting ambulance on the public road.

6th August 2014 (24)

At 0015 DSRT Okehampton requested our team to go on standby regarding assistance in a search for a 68 year old male walker who had not returned from a walk on the North Moor near Belstone. At o6.20 we were stood down as the body of the missing gentleman had been located.

22nd August 2014 (25)

The Ambulance service called us at 1501 to assist with recovery of a female casualty at the head of Tavy Cleave, who had suffered an injury to her back as a result of a fall. An air ambulance had already been deployed to the incident, but during landing had damaged the tail rotor cover and had therefore become non-operational. Team members were on site when a SAR Sea King from RAF Chivenor arrived and winched the casualty to transport her to hospital.

28th Sept 2014 (26)

At 1245 we were requested to assist in the evacuation of a 68 year old female who had fallen in the Plym valley just beyond the Dewerstone. She was believed to have suffered an injury to her hip and was unable to walk. Members from both DSRT Tavistock and DSRT Plymouth administered first aid and after use of Entonox to give relief from pain the casualty was stretchered over extremely testing terrain to the Ambulance at Shaugh Bridge car park, for her transfer to Derriford Hospital.

27th Oct 2014 (27)

The Police called at 16:00 and requested our assistance in locating a male adult and two young children who had reported themselves lost on Dartmoor in poor visibility. An attempt was made to determine their location using SARLOC via their mobile phone, but that was not successful. Contact was then made by phone and it was established that they had set off from Postbridge car park and had intended to walk to Grey Wethers but had become lost before getting there. The Team was called out to begin a search, but were stood down en route, as the missing persons had been found by a DNP Ranger.

7th Nov 2014 (28)

At 11:30 we were asked by the Police to resume a search that had been carried out overnight for an at risk 66 year old lady who had been missing from a residential home in Torpoint since the previous day. At 14:45 as our members, including a search dog team, members of the MCA and the Police helicopter were searching allotments, gardens and shoreline of the River Tamar we were informed that the subject of the search had been located alive and was receiving a medical assessment.

27th Nov 2014 (29)

In the early afternoon DSRT Ashburton requested our assistance in the search for a missing, at risk, 24yr old male on moor and farmland near Cold East Cross. He had not been seen since the weekend and there were concerns for his safety. Our members, including a search dog team, joined the search during the afternoon and continued until around midnight, operating in heavy undergrowth and dense woodland. The search was scaled down to be renewed by Police the following day.

29th Nov 2014 (30)

We were called by SW Ambulance HART team leader to assist with a casualty who had suffered a fractured ankle, near the River Dart, upstream from Two Bridges. Our members arrived at the RV before the Ambulance service, but were informed by the Police that we would not be required to recover the casualty as an Air Ambulance had managed to land to deal with the incident, in spite of thick mist in the area.

30th Dec 2014 (31)

At 00:41 Police requested our assistance in locating a 41 yr old at risk male. He was reported missing from Crapstone wearing little clothing in sub-zero temperature. He was spotted by a motorist near Yelverton airfield and our search was based at the Leg O’Mutton. We were stood down at 05:30, as he had been located in Plymouth.