Callout #10 & 11 – 18th March

At 13.40 one of our LandRover ambulances with a crew of two members was deployed to Sourton Cross, to assist our colleagues in DSRT Okehampton who were involved with aiding traffic management and driver welfare in the snow on the A30. They assisted the Police at several accidents and walked sections of the highway checking on stranded motorists.

At around 21.30 our members set off to return to Tavistock, as there was no further traffic movement on the A30 due to the snow and icy conditions, with around 80 vehicles unable to progress further. Over 80 motorists were escorted to spend the night in a welfare centre set up in Okehampton College. It took two hours for our team to reach Tavistock, having to make detours on several roads to find a way past abandoned vehicles and impassable snowdrifts, finally reaching home ten hours after starting their callout.


Just as the above vehicle deployed to Sourton we were alerted by the Police to undertake a search for a lost lone male walker, somewhere on the moor in the region of Burrator. Team members were deployed, along with some of our colleagues from DSRT Plymouth and a SARDA dog team, to search in driving snow over open moorland near Sheepstor and Yellowmead Down. While contacting Police for any updated information we were told that the subject had reached his car, and was safe and well. We therefore stood down.

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