Callout 39 18th December

DSRT Tavistock were called by our colleagues in DSRT Okehampton at 10.58, requesting us to assist them in a search for a high risk male from Cambridgeshire. He had been on the Moor overnight and his car had been located by the Police at Prewley Moor. Members from both Teams were deployed onto the Moor, accompanied by some members of the Fire Service USAR team. Working in heavy rain, strong winds and limited visibility they searched an extensive area of open moorland and at 13.25 the subject was located on the NE slopes of Corn Ridge. He was treated for exposure and hypothermia and then stretchered over rough ground to Prewley Waterworks, where he was handed over to the care of Ambulance service personnel in a waiting Ambulance. This was a successful outcome from another example of great inter-agency working .

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