Rescue Centre

Our Rescue Centre was opened during the summer of 1995 by Dr. Nick Atkinson of the Dartmoor National Park Authority.The Centre was purpose built to the requirements of the Team following a long fundraising process and several members spent many hours finishing the interior.

Facilities in the building include a large vehicle storage bay that houses our two of our vehicles. We also have wall mounted racking that contains our major incident equipment along with spare kit.

Also situated downstairs is our Equipment and Communications room which holds all of our medical supplies along with Radios and other callout communications equipment.

Upstairs we have an incident control room that we can co-ordinate Callouts from depending on their location.We also have a small training room/relatives room that is equipped for the comfort of relatives when we are searching for missing people.

We also have a large training/meeting room that is used regularly for talks and training lectures and we hold courses both for the team and other members of MR. Finally the centre is equipped with a kitchen that is kept fully stocked. If your association would like a Tour of the centre then please get in contact with us.