Search Managers

DSRT Tavistock – Incident Management

DSRT Tavistock has a pool of six Search Managers, who have each attended a Mountain Rescue England & Wales detailed Search Management training course. Those who undergo this training are selected by the Team Management Committee and have years of experience as callout members of our Team.

The Control Cell staff participates in ongoing training including JESIP ( the principles for joint working with other Emergency Services) because as well as commanding our Team members the leading Search Manager is also responsible for liaison with the Police, Ambulance and other agencies directly involved in an incident. In addition to planning, managing and directing Search and Rescue operations it is also the Search Manager’s responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of our members by performing risk assessments and giving detailed briefings prior to deployment.

During an operation there will generally be two Search Managers working together in the Control Vehicle, with the assistance of a support member who will be maintaining an incident log and performing some of the radio communications. In our Control Vehicle we have varied ICT systems to enable more efficient planning and management of operations. As well as three VHF radios there is an extensive computer mapping system which allows us to mark up search areas and routes and also track the location of our assets with GPS as they move through a search. We also have the capability to locate co-operative missing persons by the use of SARLOC technology linking to their mobile phone.